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Here's the CSs driving the sample vertical menu in the side bar on this page. I tried to comment this well enough that it will be easy to modify to fit your theme. I tried to keep the color choices simple so they are easy to identify. If you have questions, post them in the community forum. where we're discussing this.

I would like to add a 3rd level to this menu. Stay tuned…


this nav:side page source

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      Menu Starts Here
* Unlinked Section Header
* [/article-index MyArticles]
* [# MyPhotos]
 * [ MyFamilyPhotos]
 * [/photo-index Old MyPhotos]
* [/blogstart MyBlog]
* Unlinked Section Header
* [/forum:start MyForum]
 * Unlinked Section Header
 * [/forum:start Categories]
 * [/forum:recent-posts Recent Posts]
* [# Admin]
 * [[button edit text="Edit This Page"]]
 * [[button print text="Print This Page"]]
 * [/nav:top/edit/true Edit Top Navigation]
 * [/nav:side/edit/true Edit Side Navigation]
 * Section Header
 * [/admin:manage Site Manager]
 * [/system:list-all-pages List All Pages]
 * Section Header
 * [/system:recent-changes Recent Changes]
 * [/system:files Site Files]

**Blog Entries By Date:**
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* [/nav:side3 edit/view side navigation]
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