Demo Pass-On-Log Page
Manager: Ed Johnson
Projected Sales: $ A lot (hopefully!)
Actual Sales: $ don't know yet
Projected Labor: % A little (hopefully!)
Actual Labor: % Don't know yet
Hoagy Times: 8-15, avg 10
Pizza Times: 12-35, avg 18
Delivery Times: 20-55, avg 35



Weather/Unusual Circumstances

15 F, Clear and cold!

Orders To Be Placed


Shift Notes

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean a libero. Vestibulum adipiscing, felis ac faucibus imperdiet, erat lacus accumsan neque, vitae nonummy lorem pede ac elit.

Training Completed

Maecenas in urna. Curabitur hendrerit risus vitae ligula.

Things To Be Done

  • Edit my wiki
  • check e-mail
  • pretend I'm working hard


The admins blocked access to Facebook today!

Equipment Problems / Action Taken


Cleaning and Special Projects

Cleaned oven hoods and filters



Employee Hours Break Position/Duties Afternoon/Close
empl name empl hours empl break empl position empl afternoon/close


Driver Hours Break Position/Duties Afternoon/Close
drv name drv hours drv break drv position drv afternoon/close

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