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Ok so I just got a new Comcast DVR box. Not sure the model but its a black box with a blue lit power button. I also got a new remote with it but this remote is dark gray as apposed to the silver old remote. Either way I cant get the 30 sec skip to work on this remote! Anyone know why or is there another code or something??

I don't have one of the newer DCX3400s, but I have been told by a friend who works at Comcast that this will work.

1) Select Aux
2) Hold setup 2 flashes
3) type 01376 2 flashes

1) Select Aux button
2) Hold SETUP, 2 flashes
3) Type 994, 2 flashes
4) Tap SETUP
5) Enter the 00173
6) Tap the Cable button
7) Tap the button to be programmed for 30 second skip, 2 flashes

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