Configure VirtualBox Shared Folders in a Windows Host

How to mount shared folders in a Linux guest running on a Windows host

In VirtualBox:

  • Start the Linux virtual machine
  • Click on the Devices menu and choose Install Guest Additions…
  • This mounts the VBox Guest Additions ISO image. Run this as root:

# ./media/cdrom0/

  • Reboot the Linux virtual machine.
  • From the Devices menu, choose Shared Folders… and add any folder or drive. Make sure that the Make Permanent checkbox is ticked. For example, add D:\VirtualBox with the name VirtualBox.
  • Create the directory to mount the shared folder on:

# mkdir /mnt/vbox_share

  • Run:

# mount.vboxsf VirtualBox /mnt/vbox_share

  • To mount this every time linux boots, edit the file /etc/rc.local and put the following line at the start:

mount.vboxsf VirtualBox /mnt/vbox_share

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