Configuring Wikidot On A Subdomain

Wikidot Open Source can be configured to run on a subdomain (i.e, but you have to make sure your configuration files are edited properly.

This is based on Wikidot 1, Rev 278 and was tested on a VirtualBox virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 8.04 and Apache Web Server. I edited the configuration of a working Wikidot install on a top level domain name ( and made it work on a configuration.

Here are the configuration changes I made. After making these edits, I restarted Apache Web Server and the site came right up!

Note: Click the images to see them in full resolution.

Make sure your server name is set up for subdomain.domain:


Your /etc/hosts file should look something like this (we're going to make this Wikidot install a .org site):


Make sure the domain= line in conf/wikidot.ini has the full server name plus .com, .org, .local, etc.:


Assuming all else is installed and configured properly, you should see this when you open your main Wikidot site:


This configuration should work on a local, private network or on a server exposed to the world wide web.

To find the Wikidot server on a local network you can add the server information to your local DNS server; or, if you only have a few client PCs that need to access the Wikidot server, you can edit the client PCs hosts file.
Configuring The Hosts File On Linux Clients
Configuring The Hosts File On Windows Clients

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