created: 07 Apr 2009 20:20
I just noticed I finally made guru! I guess it just took taking on a new project that required creating a lot of pages to get me over the hump. (more...)

Photo Gallery Update

created: 07 Apr 2009 18:56
It didn't take Michal and company to help solve some of the issues I presented in my Photo Gallery post a couple of days ago.

We now have an order option that can be used in the "simple" [[gallery...]] mode. For example:

[[gallery order="dateAdded" size="medium"]]

the order option currently supports name (the default if not specified), nameDesc, dateAdded and dateAddedDesc.

I expect to see a random option in the near future.

This change is going to make it really easy to set up a family photo album site. I envision setting up the improved gallery module in a live template. Then, all I have to do is let my family create a new page, add some descriptive text ("Our vacation in Maui - winter 2009") and save the page. Once they use the new Multi File Uploader to upload their photos, they're done and we have an instant addition to our photo album! (more...)

Photo Gallery

created: 03 Apr 2009 15:14
Now that the Multi File Uploader is a reality for Pro accounts (coming in a month for free accounts), I am anxious to start a photo gallery site for my family and extended family. One thing I noticed is that when I uploaded multiple files, I got a result that was not desirable. Initially, I didn't pay attention to the order of the files as they were being uploaded.

My images are all named sequentially, by number, with the files names my camera created. I think the files did not upload in numerical order because my [[gallery]] did not display them in order. As a workaround, I tried to explicitly define the order by using the following code:

[[gallery viewer="false"]]
: 100_4709.JPG
: 100_4710.JPG
: 100_4711.JPG
: 100_4726.JPG
: 100_4727.JPG
: 100_4728.JPG

Still no love. I got the same order as if I didn't list the images individually. I then did a more controlled "experiment" to try and see what's happening.
[edit: Not true. I made a typo in my [[gallery]] ... [[/gallery]] block when testing that wasn't allowing the images to be displayed in the order I wanted. The above method DOES WORK as a workaround.]

Here's the sequence of events:

Select files to be uploaded

Tip: In Windows, select the files from the bottom, up (i.e click on the last file in the sequence and then shift-click the first file so they get listed in alpha/numerical order in the filename field).


Preview the file list

Here's the order the files were listed by the Wikidot uploader:


Wikidot's file display

Wikidot does sort the file list for display purposes.



  • Even though I was careful to populate my filename field in the order I wanted the files displayed/uploaded, it didn't work. The files ended up being listed in some order that was probably determined by my operating system.
  • After the files were uploaded, the gallery module displayed them in the reverse order they were uploaded. I'm sure the thinking is that you would generally want newest files uploaded to be displayed first.
  • It looks like I'm going to have to ask for some new parameters to be added to the gallery module so I can control the order of the images being displayed.
  • [edit: In spite of my silly typo getting me all worked up, I think adding some sort options is still a good idea. Being able to create a template with a simple [[gallery sort="sort_option"]] would keep things simple for non-techie users so they don't have to create a large gallery block to control the order of images.]
  • It would also be nice if some options could be built into the multi file uploader to rearrange the file list before starting the upload.

My Test Gallery

I want these displayed in the order 100_4709.JPG, 100_4710.JPG … 100_4728.JPG, but can't control that right now (see the workaround notes above - it can be done).



created: 01 Apr 2009 01:57
My very hip and cool Aunt Mar and Uncle Pete (DraugalisPhotography.com) have set up an account on Animoto and had some fun with pictures of my grandkids. Photos courtesy of my very hip and cool wife!

Ava Baby and Her Big Brother (Myles)

Wikidot Rocks!


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