Successful Install (mostly)

Ed Johnson

06 Oct 2008 17:44

I'm pleased to report that I have a mostly successful installation of Wikidot Open Source Rev 260 running on an Ubuntu 8.04 server on my home network. Unlike my other installs I have done over the past several months, I was actually able to configure this server with the Lighttpd web server rather than Apache server so I could take advantage of all of the new Wikidot features.

I was able to follow the same basic guide I have been using, but had to eliminate several steps and also had to do some extra configuring to get most everything running properly.

I'm going to do some more test install to see if I can clearly nail down the exact steps required to get a successful install done as simply as possible.

Stay tuned!
Only problem found so far is with [[gallery]] and [[image image-file-name]]. This screen shot shows the problem. The gallery can't find any images and the images only appear as links (which, surprisingly, do work).



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