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Ed Johnson

02 Mar 2009 04:49

I launched my new theme today. Ever since reading Rob Elliot's gem on the community site, I have been spending most of my free time tweaking things in custom CSS.

This actually turned into a 2-part project. Part 1 is the result you see (identifying the page elements and applying styles to create the new theme). Those who use the Firebug or Web Developer plugins for Firefox know how great those tools are. What's always been a challenge for me is tracking down where a particular element is located in the CSS. The other issue is that sometimes the same element and style are repeated in more than one place in a CSS file.

This is where my second project came in. I decided to create my CSS file in a way that would be easy for those using the Firefox plugins to "have a play" (as my friends across the pond might say). I also set up my CSS in Microsoft Excel so I could easily sort it in different ways. For example, it's easy for me to list all of my color styles together or to quickly resort the list in order of element. I'll save the full story for another day.
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