Photo Gallery Update

Ed Johnson

07 Apr 2009 18:56

It didn't take Michal and company to help solve some of the issues I presented in my Photo Gallery post a couple of days ago.

We now have an order option that can be used in the "simple" [[gallery...]] mode. For example:

[[gallery order="dateAdded" size="medium"]]

the order option currently supports name (the default if not specified), nameDesc, dateAdded and dateAddedDesc.

I expect to see a random option in the near future.

This change is going to make it really easy to set up a family photo album site. I envision setting up the improved gallery module in a live template. Then, all I have to do is let my family create a new page, add some descriptive text ("Our vacation in Maui - winter 2009") and save the page. Once they use the new Multi File Uploader to upload their photos, they're done and we have an instant addition to our photo album!


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