Ed Johnson

20 Feb 2009 18:26

I just read a review about Dropbox, a file hosting/sharing site that the editors of MaximumPC really like. I just created an account today and I'm going to try hosting my Wikidot OS V1 installable ISO on Dropbox to see how well it performs. Here are links to the ISO and corresponding md5 hash file:
mywikidot_backup_rev_393_20090123.iso (1.0 GB)
mywikidot_backup_rev_393_20090123.iso.md5 (93 bytes)
If you find it takes too long to download (it took about 3 hours to upload through the Dropbox client), send me a PM and we can look at a Plan B to get you the ISO file.

The articile on how to use this ISO with a virtual machine is here: installable-iso-and-a-virtual-machine


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